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Case Studies

Explore how 4th Platform transforms IT challenges into success stories.

OMF International

When OMF International’s IT support contract came up for review, the UK IT Manager embarked on a search for potential suppliers, including 4th Platform. The organisation faced the challenge of facilitating wireless requirements for their employees, with varying port needs around their building. This challenge turned into an IT transformation success story with the help of 4th Platform.

The Portsmouth Grammar School

Portsmouth Grammar School faced the challenge of introducing Wi-Fi across its campus, allowing students to utilise their own tablets, smartphones, and other connected mobile devices within the classrooms. However, the school’s historic flint-filled walls, once meant to withstand enemy artillery attacks, now posed a significant obstacle by hindering and blocking radio signals. This issue was resolved, becoming another IT transformation success story for 4th Platform.


As Porchlight’s operations evolved over time, their IT requirements grew more complex. When the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, the need for remote working and efficient communication became paramount. Navigating this transition presented significant hurdles, especially given the limitations of their existing phone system.

Thrive - Education

Thrive stepped in to revamp the college’s digital framework, initiating a Cisco Collaboration solution to minimise server usage while enhancing service efficiency. This move significantly reduced the college’s server footprint and cut down on implementation service requirements, all under a unified support structure. 

Thrive - Housing

Thrive stepped in with a comprehensive Cloud-readiness assessment, identifying the housing association’s needs and objectives. Thrive recommended a private Cloud solution, meticulously aligning it with the association’s business requirements.

Thrive - Transportation

Thrive stepped in to streamline the migration of a Driving Test Centre to a secure private cloud, located in Luton, UK. Thrive offers a comprehensive IaaS solution, cloud backup and full disaster recovery to guarantee business continuity. 

GoTo - Endsleigh

GoTo, known for its innovative solutions, stepped in with Rescue Lens, a technology designed to revolutionise Endsleigh claims handling process.

GoTo - Motorola

Motorola adopted GoTo’s Rescue remote support and Rescue Lens video support solutions. These tools enabled Motorola’s support team to see exactly what their customers were experiencing, either on their device screens or through live video sharing.

GoTo - The Executive Institute

This platform stood out for its insightful analytics, allowing the Institute to track attendance, engagement, and drop-off rates.

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