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A prominent UK college, catering to 8,000 students across two campuses.

The Issue

The college faced considerable challenges with its outdated communication systems. Their existing Cisco Call Manager platform was proving cumbersome to maintain, and prior attempts to migrate to SIP circuits were not only unsuccessful but costly. The college was in dire need of a modern collaboration strategy to streamline operations.

The Solution

Thrive stepped in to revamp the college’s digital framework, initiating a Cisco Collaboration solution to minimise server usage while enhancing service efficiency. This move significantly reduced the college’s server footprint and cut down on implementation service requirements, all under a unified support structure. The solution spanned across campuses, aiding staff in remote work and extending educational services to prison facilities. Additionally, Thrive revamped the college’s server stability issues and set in motion a FlexPod solution that fortified on-campus operations. Currently, Thrive is leading a wireless LAN renewal project at one of the college’s campuses, incorporating a robust Cisco Meraki-based framework.

Expert View

The collaboration between Endsleigh and GoTo through Rescue Lens yielded impressive results. A significant reduction in settlement time for 5-10 minute ‘one touch & settle’ claims from up to 5 days to instant resolution. Improved accuracy in claim validation by enabling customers to visually demonstrate their incident circumstances. Reduction in the number of interactions (touch-points) between claims handlers and customers, streamlining the entire claims process. Consistently perfect NPS scores of 10/10, reflecting high customer satisfaction in the post-claim settlement phase.

"The college now enjoys the convenience of a single, cohesive partner managing their end-to-end solution needs, eliminating the complexities associated with juggling multiple vendors."

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