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Comms for a Smarter Workplace

Enhancing Team Collaboration

Unlock the potential of seamless communication with 4th Platform’s suite of collaboration tools. Our Unified Communications solutions empower your workforce to effortlessly connect, communicate, and collaborate. Our UC system offers a suite of features including integrated IP telephony, instant messaging (IM), audio, video, and web conferencing. With a focus on enhancing productivity and interaction, our UC solutions ensure a consistent, unified experience across all devices – fixed or mobile – and multimedia applications, enriching your collaborative endeavours.

Telephony Solutions

Revolutionise your call centre operations with our hosted telephony solution. Easily manage inbound calls, monitor performance, and maintain control from anywhere, ensuring exceptional customer experiences.

Mobile Solutions

Embrace the data-driven future with our robust mobile data services. Access the UK’s most reliable mobile data network, ensuring a superior mobile experience for your business operations.

Video Conferencing

Elevate remote collaboration with our cloud-based video conferencing services. Empower your teams to connect face-to-face, regardless of location, and drive real value for your business.

Microsoft Teams for Business

Microsoft Teams, part of the Microsoft 365 suite, serves as an all-encompassing workspace designed to enhance business collaboration. This unified platform facilitates seamless communication through various channels, allowing users to connect via chat, make voice or video calls, host video conferences, and share documents effortlessly. 

Voice: Lines and Calls

Optimise your telephony costs by switching to 4th Platform’s award-winning network. Enjoy significant savings on calls while benefiting from one of the UK’s largest and most reliable networks.

“We always know that 4th Platform will give the best solution advice to help the charity, and not just that, the service is impeccable, the engineers are amazing. 4th Platform is one of our most trusted suppliers.”

Success Story

An old telephone system became a big issue when the lockdown was imposed, employees were only able to answer the phones on site at the office and not remotely. Within two days, 4th Platform had found a solution and it was implemented with ease.​


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