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Colocation Simplified: Transform Your IT Strategy

How Colocation Changes the Game

In the past, businesses had to manage every aspect of their IT systems – from the hardware and the space it occupied to handling the connectivity, power, and cooling needs. This often led to costly setups, which could be insecure and vulnerable to power or network disruptions.

Colocation offers a game-changing solution. It’s a service where businesses can house their hardware in specialised data centres. These facilities are equipped with redundant power and cooling systems, as well as robust connectivity, ensuring consistent uptime for your applications. With top-notch security measures in place, your IT infrastructure is well-protected. Plus, being in the same space as cloud service providers means you’re just a connection away from additional resources. This allows for easy expansion into the cloud, offering a flexible, hybrid cloud setup as your hardware needs evolve.

Why Choose Colocation?

Think of colocation as renting space in a high-tech garage for your IT equipment. It’s not just about floor space; it includes power, cooling, and sometimes even bandwidth, all provided by the data centre. These facilities are designed with redundancy in mind, featuring multiple carriers, dual fibre paths, and backup power sources to shield against failures. You choose how much space you need, from just part of a rack to an entire facility. Top-tier providers adhere to various compliance standards (like SSAE 16, PCI, HIPAA, NIST, etc.)


Safeguards against disasters, theft, and loss of network or power.


Some providers promise 99.9% uptime, or even higher.


Reduces expenditure on labour and maintenance, providing a more economical solution.

Performance & Scalability

Easily scales to meet your growing needs, with top-notch performance assured.

Facilitating Office Relocation

Simplifies the process when moving offices, as your IT infrastructure is securely housed off-site.

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