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Enhancing Efficiency with Thrive's Managed Cloud Services

A leading provider of driver offender retraining courses in the UK.

The Issue

The training centre was confronted with the necessity to transition its IT services to a private cloud. The transition needed to be seamless, as they operated critical services such as online booking and learning systems. They sought a reliable partner capable of bridging the gap between cloud and on-premises solutions, facilitating a smooth phased migration without disrupting essential customer services.

The Solution

Thrive stepped in to streamline the migration to the secure private cloud, located in Luton, UK. Thrive offers a comprehensive IaaS solution, coupled with cloud backup and full disaster recovery to guarantee business continuity. When the client faced an office relocation, Thrive facilitated the integration of an additional business unit into the same cloud environment, ensuring uninterrupted service through off-site backup and disaster recovery. This strategic move not only optimised their physical infrastructure but also transitioned their operations into a highly efficient virtual environment.

Expert View

With Thrive’s Managed Cloud Services, the training centre achieved a robust, secure, and always-on service environment, guaranteeing 100% uptime for their critical services. Thrive’s holistic approach, spanning from on-premises systems to fully managed IaaS, enhanced their IT agility, allowing them to swiftly adapt and grow according to evolving business demands.

"The partnership with Thrive has empowered the company to navigate its digital transformation journey confidently, with the flexibility to scale at its own pace."

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