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Motorola Aided by GoTo's Remote Support

Motorola, a global telecommunications powerhouse, is dedicated to enhancing lives through the magic of mobility.

The Issue

Miscommunication between customers and support agents due to differing interpretations of issues. Language barriers compounding the misunderstanding of problems. Lack of direct visibility into the customer’s issues, leading to prolonged resolution times.

The Solution

To address these challenges, Motorola adopted GoTo’s Rescue remote support and Rescue Lens video support solutions. These tools enabled Motorola’s support team to see exactly what their customers were experiencing, either on their device screens or through live video sharing. This direct visibility eliminated misunderstandings and language barriers, allowing for quicker and more effective problem resolution.

Expert View

GoTo’s remote support solutions have revolutionised Motorola’s customer service approach, breaking down communication barriers and significantly improving resolution efficiency. By leveraging GoTo’s innovative technology, Motorola continues to uphold its mission of transforming lives through mobility while maintaining a high standard of customer support.

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Theo Koufalias, Global Content Manager at Motorola said: "With GoTo's Rescue and Rescue Lens, we're able to go above and beyond for our customers. We can support any Motorola-related issue – from phones to Wi-Fi, applications, software, and hardware – even if the customer cannot fully articulate the problem."

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