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Empowering Porchlight's Mission with Tailored IT Solutions

Since 1974, Porchlight has been a leading homelessness charity in Kent, supporting vulnerable individuals. With about 220 staff across 15 locations, they tackle housing, mental and physical health, education, and employment needs. Collaborating with individuals, organisations, and governments, Porchlight aims to prevent community breakdowns and alleviate poverty. Their mission is to empower people to lead independent lives, actively participate in communities, and realise their full potential.

The Issue

As Porchlight’s operations evolved over time, their IT requirements grew more complex. When the Covid-19 pandemic emerged, the need for remote working and efficient communication became paramount. Navigating this transition presented significant hurdles, especially given the limitations of their existing phone system.

The Solution

Since 2009, 4th Platform has been a reliable partner, offering tailored IT and print solutions to Porchlight. Recognising the impending shift to remote work, 4th Platform proactively advised Porchlight to upgrade their mobile working capabilities. This foresight proved invaluable when lockdown measures were introduced, enabling Porchlight to adapt swiftly and avoid potential challenges.

Additionally, when the lockdown exposed limitations in Porchlight’s phone system, 4th Platform acted swiftly. Within a mere two days, they identified a suitable solution that seamlessly facilitated remote communication, ensuring uninterrupted service provision.

Expert View

Porchlight’s smooth transition to full remote work during the lockdown was attributed to their well-prepared IT infrastructure. By addressing critical communication needs, 4th Platform allowed Porchlight to continue their vital work without interruption. This unwavering support played a pivotal role in maintaining Porchlight’s ability to aid vulnerable individuals, even during challenging times.

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“We always know that 4th Platform will give the best solution advice to help the charity, and not just that, the service is impeccable, the engineers are amazing. 4th Platform is one of our most trusted suppliers.”

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