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The Executive Institute's Digital Journey with GoTo

Established in 2015, The Executive Institute has become Ireland's premier networking group for senior executives, dedicated to optimising organisational performance and advancing leadership skills.

The Issue

The global pandemic halted all physical gatherings, putting the Institute’s core service offering at risk. Conor Morris, Managing Director of The Executive Institute, reflected on the critical situation: “Our survival depended upon transitioning our entire event program online while maintaining accessibility for our members,” 

The Solution

After thorough market research and testing, the choice was clear: GoTo Webinar by GoTo. This platform stood out for its insightful analytics, allowing the Institute to track attendance, engagement, and drop-off rates, thereby refining event quality and providing valuable reports to members. Security, a paramount concern for online events, was assured with GoTo Webinar’s robust safety measures, making it a trusted choice among businesses.

Expert View

Transitioning to GoTo Webinar proved transformative. Event attendance more than doubled, extending the Institute’s reach globally and breaking down geographical barriers. This expansion enabled the organisation to cater to multinational companies, significantly broadening its membership base.

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Gary Walsh, Digital Manager at The Executive Institute, said: "GoTo Webinar integrates seamlessly with all devices, ensuring we can host large-scale webinars without compromising on reliability or quality."

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