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GoTo:Enhancing Customer Service with Technology at Endsleigh Insurance

Endsleigh, is the UK's premier insurance provider for students, graduates, and young professionals.

The Issue

The insurer recognised a significant challenge affecting customer satisfaction. Their clients were facing delays due to the cumbersome process of submitting photo or receipt evidence for claims validation. This inefficiency was highlighted through customer feedback, underscoring the need for a technological solution to streamline the claims process.

The Solution

GoTo, known for its innovative solutions, stepped in with Rescue Lens, a technology designed to revolutionise the claims handling process. This tool allows a real-time interactive session between Endsleigh’s claims handlers and their customers. By integrating Rescue Lens, Endsleigh initiated a ‘one touch & settle’ approach, enabling the settlement of certain low-value claims right at the first notification of loss. The implementation facilitated Endsleigh’s Loss Adjusting team, TCS Loss Adjusters Ltd, to efficiently gather necessary evidence without the need to visit customer premises, thus accelerating the settlement process.

Expert View

The collaboration between Endsleigh and GoTo through Rescue Lens yielded impressive results. A significant reduction in settlement time for 5-10 minute ‘one touch & settle’ claims from up to 5 days to instant resolution. Improved accuracy in claim validation by enabling customers to visually demonstrate their incident circumstances. Reduction in the number of interactions (touch-points) between claims handlers and customers, streamlining the entire claims process. Consistently perfect NPS scores of 10/10, reflecting high customer satisfaction in the post-claim settlement phase.

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Simon Powell, Claims Operations Manager at Endsleigh, said: "Rescue Lens has proven to be the ideal tool for delivering the fast, convenient claims process our customers expect, helping us maintain strong brand loyalty."

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