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Leicester City Council Cyber-Attack: ‘Large Batch, of Stolen Data Published’

Data stolen from the council has been published online

According to the BBC, “The authority (Leicester City Council) said on 3 April that 25 stolen documents had been posted online but now a ‘much larger batch’ has been released.”

You can read the full story here

It is known that the attack was “highly sophisticated”, but the council’s IT systems are back online.

What has the council said?

Richard Sword, the council’s strategic director of city development and neighbourhoods, said: “Cyber security and police experts working with the council informed us (on Monday) that another batch of stolen data had been published.

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“At 1.3 terabytes, this is a much larger batch of data than the 25 documents published last week.

“We are in the process of reviewing the data to see exactly what it consists of and have notified the Information Commissioner of our actions.

“We have a duty to inform anyone considered at high risk as a result of data breaches.

“Due to the amount of data published, we will be prioritising people who may come under this category.”

“We realise this data breach will cause concern, and apologise for any distress caused,” Mr Sword added.

“We continue to work with Leicestershire Police and the National Cyber Security Centre as part of this investigation.”


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