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Microsoft announces new AI Hub in London

In an announcement on Sunday (April 7), Microsoft revealed it is opening a new hub close to London Paddington Station

The new hub will “drive pioneering work to advance state-of-the-art language models and their supporting infrastructure, and to create world-class tooling for foundation models, collaborating closely with our AI teams across Microsoft and with our partners, including OpenAI,” a Microsoft press release revealed.

You can read the press release here

What does the new opening mean?

This new opening reveals the “enormous pool of AI talent and expertise in the U.K., and Microsoft AI plans to make a significant, long-term investment in the region as we (Microsoft) begin hiring the best AI scientists and engineers into this new AI hub.”

The new hub will be headed by AI Scientist and Engineer, Jordan Hoffman.

Mr Hoffman said: “This is great news for Microsoft AI and for the U.K.  As a British citizen, born and raised in London, I’m proud to have co-founded and built a cutting-edge AI business here.

“I’m deeply aware of the extraordinary talent pool and AI ecosystem in the U.K., and I’m excited to make this commitment to the U.K. on behalf of Microsoft AI. I know – through my close work with thought leaders in the U.K. Government, business community and academia – that the country is committed to advancing AI responsibly and with a safety-first commitment to drive investment, innovation and economic growth. Our decision to open this hub in the U.K. reflects this ambition. “

The London hub is the second site in Microsoft’s presence in the UK after it opened its first lab in Cambridge.


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