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Leicester Council Cyber-Attack: People Warned to ‘Stay on Guard’

The council has told people to be aware of scams after data theft

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How many people have been affected?

It is known that “25 documents have been posted by the apparent attackers,” however the number could be higher according to the BBC.

Officials can’t confirm this information is true but reassures that they will contact people if their information has been compromised.

You can read the full story here

BBC Cyber Correspondent, Joe Tidy claimed, “That a ransomware group called INC Ransom has claimed responsibility for the attack.”

The hacker group claims it has stolen “3TB of data.”

Strategic Director of City Developments and Neighbourhoods at the council, Richard Sword, said: “We don’t know what amount of data they have taken,” he said. “They claim to have taken 3 terabytes.

“We also don’t know what sort of information they might have taken; the potential is it could affect a lot of people.

“All we do at this time is monitor and respond to the situation.”

What has been stolen?

The documents that have been stolen include People’s rent statements, applications to purchase council housing, and identification documents such as passport information.

Mr Sword continued: “We recommend that anyone who has engaged with us stays on their guard.

“People should be careful with their data anyway but be mindful if you’ve had contact with the council.

“There could be phishing scams, and always look out that it’s genuinely from Leicester City Council email address, and if you are at all concerned, ring one of the call centres.”



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