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NHS Dumfries and Galloway Targeted by Cyber Criminals

The NHS Trust said it has been “targeted in a focused and ongoing” cyber-attack

It has been reported by the BBC that “NHS Dumfries and Galloway said it was working with Police Scotland, the National Cyber Security Centre and the Scottish government to handle the attack on IT systems.”

You can read the full story here

What has the trust said about the incident

The Trust warned that “hackers could have acquired a ‘significant quantity’ of patient and staff data.”

Disruption to services is expected as a result.

NHS Dumfries and Galloway said in a statement: “Breach of confidential data is an incredibly serious matter.

“We are encouraging everyone, staff and public, to be on their guard for any attempt to access their systems or approaches from anyone claiming to be in possession of data relating to them.”

Patients or staff affected by the cyber-attack have been advised to contact Police Scotland.

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