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‘87% of UK organisations are Vulnerable to Cyberattacks in the Age of AI’: Microsoft reveals

A new study finds that the UK is increasingly exposed to cyberattacks due to AI

As AI develops, threats by AI “bad actors” increase. The criminals use the technology to “execute a higher number of more sophisticated and rapid attacks”, according to Microsoft.

You can read the full press release here

Cyberattacks are intensifying on a scale the UK has not experienced before.

What has been the response from Microsoft?

Director of the Security Business Group at Microsoft UK, Paul Kelly said: “Cyber criminals, some armed with the resources of a nation-state, are ‘tooling up’ with AI to increase sophistication and intensity of their attacks.”

For the UK to be a leader in cyber security, it must “cement its position as a ‘cybersecurity superpower.”

What has been the response from the experts?

Director of Innovation at Goldsmiths, University of London, Dr Chris Brauer said: “The UK has phenomenal potential to lead the world in the use of AI – an unprecedented opportunity to supercharge our economy and transform our public services. But that future must be built on secure foundations.

“To become an AI superpower, the UK must maintain its position as a cybersecurity superpower. With so many organisations shown to be vulnerable to cybercrime, our research surfaces both the urgency of the issue, and useful actions that leaders can take to boost the country’s cyber resilience.”



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