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NHS Deploys ‘AI Receptionists’ to Cut Number of Missed Appointments

The AI technology will be able to predict ‘no-shows’.

AI receptionists will be deployed to 10 NHS trusts across England “after a successful pilot in Essex.”, according to The Telegraph.

You can read the full story here

The Telegraph continues: “The AI programme, created by tech firm Deep Medical, uses insights including people’s jobs, childcare commitments, live traffic and weather updates to determine who is most unlikely to show up and maximise doctors’ time.

“NHS leaders plan to tackle the 7.6 million waiting list by clamping down on the one in 20 hospital appointments that are lost to Did Not Attends (DNAs).”

How accurate is the technology?

Deep Medical claims that “their product can predict DNAs with 90 percent accuracy.”

Dr Vin Diwakar, the National Director for Transformation at NHS England, said: “The use of AI to help reduce the number of missed appointments is another example of how new technologies are helping to improve care for patients.

“Not only can these technologies help to free up doctors’ time to treat more patients and reduce waiting times for planned care, it means a significant amount of money can be invested in frontline care rather than lost to missed appointments.”

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