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Shoe Company Announces Data Breach

Vans customers have been warned to watch out for “fraud” linked to a data breach VF Group, which owns the shoe brand, “detected ‘unauthorised activities’ on a part of its IT systems in December 2023, the group said. This story was reported by the BBC. You can read the full story here What Action Was Taken? […]

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Capita reports £107m loss due to data breach

Reports claim that shares at the company are down by over a fifth Capita reported a larger-than-expected annual loss yesterday (06/03/2024), which the outsourcers accredited to a data breach suffered in March 2023. According to the Financial Times, “the results were hit by £25m of costs tied to a series of cyber incidents as well

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American Express exposed to ‘third-party’ data breach

The American credit card company revealed it suffered a data breach from a merchant processor yesterday (04/03/2024) The story was reported by the technology news website, BleepingComputer. You can read the full story here How was it reported According to BleepingComputer, a data breach notification was filed “with the state of Massachusetts under “American Express Travel

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