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Shoe Company Announces Data Breach

Vans customers have been warned to watch out for “fraud” linked to a data breach

VF Group, which owns the shoe brand, “detected ‘unauthorised activities’ on a part of its IT systems in December 2023, the group said.

This story was reported by the BBC. You can read the full story here

What Action Was Taken?

The company took immediate action and is investigating the incident. It announced that “it cannot be excluded” that cybercriminals could use the stolen data.

Vans in a statement said: “Our investigation revealed that the incident has affected some personal information of our customers, that we normally store and process in order to manage online purchases, such as email address, full name, phone number, billing address, shipping address.”

The company has advised customers to be on the alert for suspicious emails, texts and calls for personal information.

The statement continued: “Vans has contacted the relevant law enforcement agencies and says it will review its cybersecurity policies.”


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