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Cyber Security

Harnessing AI for National Security: Balancing Opportunities and Risks

In an era defined by rapid technological advancement, the intersection of artificial intelligence (AI) and national security has become increasingly crucial. The recent publication of a comprehensive report by The Alan Turing Institute underscores the pivotal role AI is set to play in shaping future decision-making processes within the realm of national security. Authored jointly […]

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Cyber Security

Top Cybersecurity Acronyms You Need to Know in 2024

When assessing your IT infrastructure and ensuring a robust cybersecurity stance, it’s vital to grasp common terminology. Developing a solid understanding of cybersecurity terminology is as essential as implementing a strong cybersecurity strategy. Below are key cybersecurity acronyms for your awareness: Information for this blog was sourced using thrivenextgen.com. You can read the full blog here

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Cyber Security

University confirms ‘Cyber Security Incident’

The University of Wolverhampton reported the incident on February 20 The University experienced a “cyber security incident”, which led to IT systems going down. According to the BBC, “Thousands of university staff and students were asked to work from home after IT issues began on Tuesday across all of the University’s campuses.” Read BBC’s original

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Cyber Security

Southern Water hit by Cyber Attack

A data breach has been reported at the water company Southern Water announced the breach on February 12 and put a statement on its company’s press line.   It is believed that “data from a limited part of Southern Water’s server estate had been stolen and was at risk following an illegal intrusion into our IT

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