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6 Key Factors Manufacturers Should Consider When Choosing the Best Contact Centre

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Choosing the best contact centre software is crucial for any manufacturer. Every customer interaction can enhance your business’s operational excellence and agility. At 4th Platform, we understand that the right contact centre solution can streamline your operations by connecting your workforce and, in turn, delivering a consistent customer experience. Here are six key factors to consider when making this important decision.

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Customer Experience Management with Contact Centre

Enhancing customer interactions is paramount. Look for solutions that integrate skills-based inbound voice routing to match customers with the best available agent. Connecting your agents to expert colleagues with intricate knowledge of specific products can offer both swift advice and accurate query resolution.

Customer experience management should support multi-channel engagement, giving agents a 360° view of customer interactions across voice, chat, email, SMS, and social media. Agent Workspace and Supervisor Workspace offer tailored, performance-centric interfaces with tools to deliver intelligent assistance and insightful reports. Features like agent-customer co-browsing help guide customers to the best products, while queued and web callbacks reduce wait times.

Contact Centre: Employee Engagement

A user-friendly interface is crucial for efficient agent daily operations and training. Intuitive functions such as speech analytics, quality management, and knowledgebase assistance reduce the learning curve for agents, enabling them to provide accurate, consistent information and support. Supervisors need tools to coach and upskill their agents based on every customer interaction.

Analytics and Reporting with Contact Centre

Comprehensive analytics and reporting tools are essential for understanding customer behaviour and agent performance. These tools should offer customisable reports and real-time insights, empowering your team to make data-driven decisions and continually enhance your contact centre operations. With 4th Platform’s advanced analytics, you can gain actionable insights that drive continuous improvement from the top floor to the shop floor.

Advanced analytics, quality management, speech analytics, post-call surveys, native CRM (customer relationship management) integration, a comprehensive knowledge base, and effective workforce management collectively optimise both customer and employee experiences, driving higher satisfaction and engagement.

Integration Capabilities

Seamless integration with your existing operational tech stack is vital for a smooth workflow. Your contact centre software should provide a unified view of customer interactions and be compatible with order and inventory management systems and CRMs. 4th Platform’s integration capabilities ensure that your contact centre can expand and operate efficiently within your existing infrastructure to drive operational excellence.


Your ideal contact centre solution must be scalable and able to grow with your business. As your company evolves, your software should adapt to increasing needs, whether that means adding more global support entities and agents or enhancing capabilities. 4th Platform offers scalable solutions that allow you to start with a lower entry cost and expand as needed, ensuring your contact centre keeps pace with your business growth.

Security and Reliability with Contact Centre

Protecting customer data—as well as your own—is vital to your organisation’s reputation and ongoing success. Do not settle for a contact centre solution that does not maintain or enhance system security. Compliance, in a highly-regulated environment including GDPR and ISO certifications, is essential for manufacturers handling customer data daily.

4th Platform Contact Centre is designed with robust data security measures and is fully compliant, providing peace of mind for businesses of any size. With a platform-wide 99.999% uptime SLA, 4th Platform provides the reliability, security, and scalability required to support mission-critical communications for even world-class manufacturers.

Make an Informed Decision

Choosing the best contact centre solution for your business requires a thoughtful evaluation of the factors above. By prioritising these elements, you can invest in a solution that not only meets your current business needs but also positions your contact centre for future success.

The best cloud contact centres for manufacturers offer a range of transformative capabilities that help to increase revenue opportunities by delivering exceptional customer experiences. Make an informed decision with 4th Platform and elevate your business to new heights.

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