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NHS London Hospitals Cyber-Attacks: It will take ‘many months’ to resolve

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An NHS source claims that the impact of the cyber-attacks will take “months” to resolve.

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What has the media said about the NHS London Hospital cyber-attacks?

In a report by the Guardian, a source from the NHS has spoken on the severity of the aftermath of the attack.

A senior NHS source warned: “It is unclear how long it will take for the services to get back to normal, but it is likely to take many months.

“Key to a return to normal will be clarity about how the hackers gained access to the system, how many records have been affected and whether these records are retrievable.”

It is known that six NHS Trusts and numerous GP practices in south-east London have been affected by a cyber-attack, which is known to have been undertaken by Russian criminals.

NHS London Hospitals cyber-attacks:  What have the experts said?  

The former head of the National Cyber Security Centre, Ciaran Martin said: “We should not be surprised that the time it takes to completely recover services is in the weeks or even months. That’s fairly typical for these types of disruptive ransomware attacks.

“The analogy with the physical world is, it’s not so much locking you out of the house as kicking down the door, boarding it up again and then putting on a padlock.”

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