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AI Used in Schools in the South East

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Schools in the South East of England are beginning to adopt AI in daily tasks.

According to a BBC report: “A West Sussex boarding prep school now has an AI head teacher acting as a “co-pilot” with the school’s human leader Tom Rogerson.

What do the schools say?

Cottesmore School has also allowed students to design a tutor using Artificial Intelligence.

You can use the full report here

AI has been used to advise on issues such as supporting teachers and staff and helping children with additional needs.

Head Teacher at Cottesmore School, Mr Rogerson said: “It’s there for advice and to clarify thoughts and as a sounding board.”

What do the experts say?

University experts on AI commented on the use of AI in schools.

Head of Digital Learning at the University of Surrey, Dr Chris Trace said: “In the future world of work I see that AI will be an integral tool.

“You may not have your job replaced by AI, but you will likely have it replaced by somebody who can use AI.


“I think the future really is bright for education and technology and its use, especially in the South East.”

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