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Leicester City Council Cyber-Attack: Data ‘Could be Sold by Hackers’

Hackers could be selling the stolen data, experts warned

The cyber incident was reported on March 7.

In a report by the BBC, “Police are still investigating after the council was forced to disable its phone and computer systems on 7 March.”

You can read the full BBC report here

Associate Professor of Information Systems at De Montford University, Ismini Vasileiou said: “Hopefully, the police will be able to get at the bottom of it and be able to remove [stolen] data from the dark web.”

It is known that a “large amount of personal information” has been uploaded to the dark web. Investigators claim that “they can fight back and remove the data.” No ransom demands have been made to the council.

You can read our previous story on the incident here

What have the experts said?

Dr Vasileiou, who is also director of the East Midlands Cyber Security Cluster, said:

“At this stage, it is quite unknown, because we don’t know how they’re packaging the data to be resold elsewhere.

“That unknown scares any user, Leicester City Council, and [is] why we are taking it very seriously.”


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