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AI Motoring Cameras Trialled in Sussex

Cameras using artificial intelligence are being trialled in Sussex

The scheme is being piloted by Sussex Police and has been put in place to detect if drivers are using “phones when driving or not wearing seat belts.”

In a story published by BBC Sussex, the new cameras will record footage of drivers “using artificial intelligence (AI), before images are passed to police.”

Read the full story here

When will the trial begin?

The trial in Sussex began on February 19 and runs until March 2025.

Sussex Police’s Head of Operations said: “It gives us a unique opportunity to learn how AI-enabled cameras can potentially support partnership colleagues and ourselves in influencing driver behaviour and keeping motorists safe on our roads.”

Who is involved in the scheme?

The scheme was first launched as a pilot project between National Highways and Warwickshire Police in 2021.

A National Highways spokesperson said it was working with police to reduce dangerous driving.

They added: “We believe that using technology like this will make people seriously consider their driving behaviour.” 

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