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Cyber Security

UK Schools Suffer Rise in Cyber-Attacks: Government Data Reveals

Cyber-attacks on UK schools have increased in the last year The cyber-attacks have disrupted many aspects of students’ school life. The disruption includes cancelled lessons and long lunchtime queues. According to a BBC report, “New figures from the Information Commissioner’s Office, external (ICO) show 347 cyber incidents were reported in the education and childcare sector […]

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Artificial Intelligence

UK and US sign new AI Safety Agreement

A new agreement has been signed between the two countries It is known that the “landmark” deal is the first bilateral agreement of its kind. According to the BBC, “The agreement signed on Monday says both countries will work together on developing ‘robust’ methods for evaluating the safety of AI tools and the systems that

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Artificial Intelligence

UK Hedgehog population to be tracked by AI

The study will be led by the National Hedgehog Monitoring Programme In a report by The Guardian, it is known that “Artificial Intelligence will be used for the first time to track hedgehog populations as part of a pioneering project aimed at understanding how many of them are left in the UK and why they

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